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          for simplified customer identity management and ID attribute sharing.

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          Today, identities are managed in silos. User needs to go through KYC on-boarding process every time he/she wants to get access to a new service. This is a time consuming process for the user which often results in frustration and poor user experience. On the other side, banks and service providers have to bear the cost of KYC process every time a new service is offered, at times even for existing customers. The current solutions for user identity management are not designed for digital channel and enforcement of regulatory compliance is difficult due to lack of transparency and extendibility.


          Annual KYC cost for average bank 


          of new banking customer will abandon onboarding if it takes too long


          Of applications are abandoned due to friction 


          Trust ID Network is a decentralized identity management platform based on block-chain that allows banks and service providers to simplify customer identity management and the due diligence process whilst giving end users full control over their digital identity.

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          CorDapp trial demonstrates usage of ID wallet for user enrollment and ID attribute sharing across multiple service providers, with strong focus on privacy and user control.

          For mobile network operators
          • Simplified ID attribute sharing and customer onboarding process.
          • Decreased transaction abandonment. 
          • Opportunity for revenue growth with KYC monetization.
          For mobile network operators
          • Convenient user experience. 
          • User in full control of their data.
          • Opportunity for revenue growth with KYC User consent management and history of all identity transactions.

          July 2019

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          About Trial

          The trial is a 7 week program, bringing together sector participants to collectively explore the benefits of enterprise distributed ledger technology.


          Get educated on the Digital Identity solution and the Corda technology underpinning it


          Deploy TIDN application to Corda Testnet on cloud, with support from R3 & Gemalto


          See for yourself the benefits of the decentralized identity management, by collaborating with other participants in a choreographed trial of the application


          • Decentralized ID Management

            Gemalto Trust ID Network

            The Trust ID Network is a decentralized digital ID platform based on Blockchain allowing service providers to simplify customer identity management and streamline the due diligence process while enabling end users to be in total control of their identity.

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