Mobile Payment for Private Label Cards

          ?????????????????????????????????A Gemalto turnkey solution for private label issuers

          Private Label cards

          How to boost your card usage by profiting from the benefits smartphones bring to your customer and stay independent from major international players?

          Combine and manage the digitization process

          Private Label Issuers- as meal vouchers, fleet cards, store cards, loyalty systems- can enjoy the digital benefits with Gemalto's unique offer. Enjoy the brand image of OEM wallets, as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay, or create your own wallet via HCE technology to deepen your customer relationship.

          Gemalto has a unique solution that combines and manages the digitization process, from tokenization, provisioning till payment acceptance all while staying independent from anyone- closed loop system.

          Tokenization: it is the process that converts cards' sensitive data into a unique digital identifier (or token) that can be deployed safely on smartphones and similar devices. The token allows payments to be processed without exposing actual account details that could potentially be compromised.

          The Gemalto Tokenization Platform, is conformed to the latest industry standards and keeps card holder data safely in a secured vault. The Gemalto Tokenization platform is live with both OEM and HCE wallets.

          ??Gemalto makes?? mobile payment possibe for El Corte Ingles? customers?

          • How to enroll?

            To improve loyalty and to attract a new generation of customers, El Corte Ingles wants to offer its customers mobile payments. A friendly and convenient consumer experience for an easy and quick enrollment.

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          • How to make a payment?

            Thanks to Gemalto’s end to end solution for card digitization, El Corte Ingles is now connected to SamsungPay. A friendly and convenient consumer experience for convenient mobile payment.

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          Benefits of our closed loop mobile payment offer

          • Independent digitization. Gemalto has a unique, end to end solution that manages the digitization process, from provisioning till payment acceptance all while staying independent.
          • Security. Tokenization? is highly recommended to keep your card holder data safe from fraudsters. The Gemalto Tokenization Platform is conformed to the latest industry standards and ready to be used with both OEM and HCE wallets (ApplePay, SamsungPay, AndroidPay and your own wallet).
          • OEM Pay for Private Label. Leverage on Gemalto's up & running connections with the OEM pay wallets (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay). A quick time to market and minimal complexity during deployment. Payment becomes easy with just a simple tap.
          • HCE wallets for Private Label. Gemalto delivers also the SDK which makes payment with a mobile device possible. Both QR code and NFC are available, making it possible to reach all devices.
          • On the acceptance side. With the mobile version of the Gemalto white label payment application (PURE), you can accept mobile payments on your existing check-out terminals.

          Get a digital payment card and use it via your wallet

          • Let your customers digitize cards to benefit from digital convenience
          • Validation of card credentials and acceptance of T&C is all what is needed for instant card digitization
          • With a simple tap on the POS, or by scanning the generated QR code, the customer pays and validates his loyalty points

          OEM wallet

          • Benefit from the OEM pay brand image and associate it with your company
          • A unified and simple end user experience

          HCE wallet

          • Manage your own UI and customer journey
          • Benefit from simplified enrolment and biometric authentication

          Our promises

          • The best end user reach- no matter what issuer, device or operating system
          • A cloud solution- for minimal complexity and scalability
          • Compliant- with international and domestic schemes
          • Excellent operations, experience and consultancy on your projects?



          Case study

          • El Corte Inglés card digitization on Samsung Pay

            El Corte Inglés: companion digitized cards can be created in an instant

            Spain's biggest department store, El Corte Ingles has selected Gemalto’s Trusted Service Hub to provide the entire digitalization and tokenization process. The payment solution is based on PURE, a white label payment application which brings EMV technology to private label cards..

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