IdCloud KYC services - Scale up at your pace

          KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance

          Banks need to set up appropriate identity verification mechanisms to secure the enrollment of new customers to their services and comply with stringent and evolving regulations such as PSD2 in Europe.

          Moreover, many financial services KYC procedures require more stringent identity verification and genuine user confirmation during the entire client life cycle. 

          kyc proceduresIdCloud KYC for swift customer onboarding

          IdCloud KYC enables Banks to perform ID verification to enroll customers for new services and confirm sensitive transactions.  Services such as money lending and international remittance or remediation require ID verification to mitigate risks.

          IdCloud KYC verification solution is a fast and convenient way for banks to deploy and tackle identity fraud. 

          It protects enrollment to their services and eliminates fraud stemming from identity theft, while allowing banks to remain compliant with new regulations, and yet deliver secure, simple and enjoyable customer experiences.


          IdCloud KYC is part of the IdCloud SaaS suite of services including KYC, Fraud Prevention and Strong Authentication.

          Orchestrate the optimal customer journey

           A typical customer journey is an assembly of different service modules and Banks constantly add new capabilities accessible by their users via all their digital channels. 

          The Cloud brings flexibility and cost efficiency for the Bank to set up new services and the elasticity to scale up resources to respond to usages peaks.

          Banks can orchestrate the optimal customer journey by assembling KYC, Fraud Prevention and Authentication scenarios using the SaaS build blocks described in the diagram below: 

          IdCloud KYC

          KYC checks 

          Our ID Verification solutions are using:

          • Best in class physical and digital document verification (leveraging Artificial Intelligence), 
          • Facial recognition using liveness detection, 
          • Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks,
          • Video checks. 
          IdCloud KYC Document Verification
          IdCloud KYC Biometric Authentication
          IdCloud KYC Risk Assessment

          ID document security feature expertise

           Strong Authentication & Mobile Security

          Solutions for a seamless yet strong authentication are in line with Regulations such as PSD2.

          Banks use all three components of IdCloud to assemble scenarios that deliver seamless a customer journey, compliant to security Regulations such as PSD2 in Europe, scalable in the future as IdCloud SaaS modules constantly provide new building blocks.

          Fraud Prevention

          A comprehensive set of risk assessment modules evaluates the risk of a given transaction for a Policy Manager to deploy to appropriate security steps. 

          Now it's your turn

          We already bring a unique ID document security expertise for documents in more than 100 countries.

          If you have a question on ID verification, the role of new technologies such as facial recognition,  we'll be delighted to answer and contribute to your project.

          We're looking forward to hearing from you. Don't hesitate to contact us.